Celebrating Earth Week

Dear Parents & Guardians,

“Earth Day” is coming up!  Throughout the week of April 18th — 22nd, W.E.S. students and staff will show how much they care about their planet by participating in a few activities.  These are the activities your child will be participating in with their class:

April 18: “Mindful Monday” Students will reflect on ways they can help the earth.

April 19: “Turn if Off Tuesday” Power down throughout the school.  To conserve energy, classrooms will turn off some lights and other power-consuming devices. 

April 20: “Waste-free Wednesday” Students are encouraged to bring a garbage free lunch to school.
To be “waste-free”, students can bring reusable food and drink containers, not disposable ones.


April 21: “Thankful Thursday” Classes will participate in a school-wide garbage pick-up.  As a gesture of appreciation for our earth, students will pick up garbage in their assigned area around the school.

April 22: “For our Future Friday” Students will attend an assembly celebrating Earth Day.

Students will require gloves to pick up the garbage.
Please send a plastic bag and gloves with your child.

The planet thanks you for your support in taking care of our world!

Thursday Smiles

This is what made us smile this week.

Mon. Apr. 11-Playing on the merry go round with my little buddy (Taylor)

Tues. Apr. 12-Learning all about teeth in health (Liv)

Wed. Apr. 13-Playing the “Guess Who” game in health (Spencer)

Thurs. Apr. 14-Watching Charlotte’s Web (Danielle)

There is no school tomorrow.

We are excited to be heading to Osler with Mrs. Wruck’s class on Monday to see Aladdin. We need to leave at 12:15 so everyone needs to bring a lunch to school as we will be eating early.