Celebrating Earth Week

Dear Parents & Guardians,

“Earth Day” is coming up!  Throughout the week of April 18th — 22nd, W.E.S. students and staff will show how much they care about their planet by participating in a few activities.  These are the activities your child will be participating in with their class:

April 18: “Mindful Monday” Students will reflect on ways they can help the earth.

April 19: “Turn if Off Tuesday” Power down throughout the school.  To conserve energy, classrooms will turn off some lights and other power-consuming devices. 

April 20: “Waste-free Wednesday” Students are encouraged to bring a garbage free lunch to school.
To be “waste-free”, students can bring reusable food and drink containers, not disposable ones.


April 21: “Thankful Thursday” Classes will participate in a school-wide garbage pick-up.  As a gesture of appreciation for our earth, students will pick up garbage in their assigned area around the school.

April 22: “For our Future Friday” Students will attend an assembly celebrating Earth Day.

Students will require gloves to pick up the garbage.
Please send a plastic bag and gloves with your child.

The planet thanks you for your support in taking care of our world!

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