Grade 2 Track

Just a reminder that our track and field day is Thursday, June 2 for the morning only. Please wear running shoes!

Here is some info about the concession;

Dear Parents,

A Fundraising Concession is being held on Track Days this week from 10:00 a.m. – 12:30.  ALL monies will go to help the efforts in Fort McMurray.  Items for sale will be: freezies, juice boxes, chips, popcorn, ring pops and water.  ALL ITEMS ARE $1!!!

Thanks for your support!! – WES

Friday Smiles

Here is what made us smile this week 🙂

Tues. May 24-Learning about how animals protect their babies (Liv)

Wed. May 25-Playing tag outside with Emerson, Seth and Kayson (Ryan)

Thurs. May 26-Playing baseball at recess (Drew)

Fri. May 27– Going to the WDM on our field trip (Katelyn)

What a wonderful day!

We had an amazing field trip today. Other than a few sprinkles during lunch, the rain stayed away. The museum was super and the new playground at Kinsmen park was a hit!

Thanks to Jay(Emerson’s dad), Angelina(Seth’smom) and Lisa (Spencer’s mom) for being our helpers. We were also lucky to have Emerson’s grandpa along for the WDM part and he went to school in a caboose!

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

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Grade 2 Track Day

Warman Elementary School

Grade 2 Track and Field Day

Thursday, June 2nd

9:20-12:00 a.m.


 Our Grade 2 track and field day is quickly approaching.  In grade two, the students participate in some formal track events as well as fun activities.  This day has been set up so all students feel success and have fun.  The activities involved will incorporate this. 


Please make sure your child has running shoes, sunscreen and appropriate attire for this day. In case of inclement weather, alternate day for track and field is Thursday, June 9th.


The SCC will be holding a snack/treat concession from 10:00-12:30. Prices of concession items will be sent home before Track and Field day.  Please be aware that lunch items will not be sold, your child still needs to bring his/her own lunch. In order to help our neighbors to the west, ALL funds raised will be donated to Fort McMurray.  Help is needed in the concession. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Denaye at  Thanks for your support!!


Grade Two teachers and WES Track Committee

Thursday Smiles

Here is what made us smile this week 🙂

Have a wonderful long weekend with your families. See you back at school on Tuesday, May 24th.

Mon. May 16-Writing mammal riddles in science (Kayson)

Tues. May 17-Practicing ball throw for track and field (?)

Wed. May 18-Playing Jackpot (Spencer)

Thurs. May 19-Running races to get ready for track (Taren)


Friday Smiles

This is what made us smile this week;

Mon. May 9– Being the soloist of the day in music (Gabbi)

Tues. May 10-Playing with lego at inside recess with Meghan (Taylor)

Wed. May 11– Playing football with Mason, Kaiden and Taren (Emerson)

Thurs. May 12-Earning our music party with Ms. Lloyd (Graedin)

Fri. May 13– Watching Little House on the Prairie for Social Studies (Drew)

Congratulations to Danielle for winning a prize on Music Monday! 002


These are some of the books we read and made this week

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The Bike Rodeo is on Monday. Our time is at 11:00. All children who bring bikes to school MUST wear a bike helmet.

Thanks to all the parents who volunteered to come with us on our field trip. The parents who are able to come with us are Angelina Beckman, Jay Kowalenko, and Lisa Tenetuik. If you were not chosen for this trip we will be going on another trip in June.

Have a great weekend 🙂



Learning about Animal Life Cycles

This week during our Reading Workshop time we started working in groups to learn about different Animal Life Cycles. We read the book together in our group and then help each other answer questions about our animal’s life cycle. We will go through all 5 animals; frog, chick, butterfly, ladybug and horse.

*If your child attends Reading Club with Mrs. Sielski they will not be doing this.

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Friday Smiles

What beautiful weather we had this week- I can hardly believe that there are only 35 days of school left!

Here is what made us smile in 2JT this week;

Mon. May 2– learning about garter snakes and turtles in science (Danielle)

Tues. May 3-painting our secret art projects (Kaleb)

Wed. May 4-making my mom a present (Mason)

Thurs. May 5– everything about Mother’s Day (Seth)

Fri. May 6– playing on the monkey bars with Taylor (Meghan)


As you can see, we are all very excited about the special day on Sunday. I hope you love the presents we made, and that the moms are spoiled on Mother’s Day! Have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂