Friday Smiles

Here is what made us smile this week 🙂

Tues. May 24-Learning about how animals protect their babies (Liv)

Wed. May 25-Playing tag outside with Emerson, Seth and Kayson (Ryan)

Thurs. May 26-Playing baseball at recess (Drew)

Fri. May 27– Going to the WDM on our field trip (Katelyn)

What a wonderful day!

We had an amazing field trip today. Other than a few sprinkles during lunch, the rain stayed away. The museum was super and the new playground at Kinsmen park was a hit!

Thanks to Jay(Emerson’s dad), Angelina(Seth’smom) and Lisa (Spencer’s mom) for being our helpers. We were also lucky to have Emerson’s grandpa along for the WDM part and he went to school in a caboose!

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

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