Bike Rodeo-May 11

Warman Elementary Bike Safety Rodeo
Attention all parents!  Warman Elementary School will be hosting a bike safety rodeo for all grade 1 to 3 students on Wednesday, May 11 Each class will spend about 30 minutes completing the various stations at the Fire Hall. 
Please send your child’s bike and his/her helmet along to participate in the activities, if possible.  A properly fitting helmet must be worn for participation in the riding events. 
Children that cannot bring a bike will still be able to participate in some of the safety events. 
As we are anticipating many bikes, they can be secured in the bike racks or along the chain link fence at the school for the day. 
We are excited for the volunteer participation of the Warman Fire Department who will be organizing this worthwhile event.  Our goal is to educate your child on the importance of bike safety, the rules of the road, and wearing a properly fitted helmet. 
We are hoping for great weather and will post any last minute changes on our school website.

Using Text Features in Non-Fiction Books

This week during our Reading Workshop time we have been learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. We have also started to talk about text features– which help us to read and understand information in non-fiction books.

Today we did a “text feature” scavenger hunt and got to explore some new non-fiction animal books while trying to find various text features inside. At the end we were able to share one with the class.

Tomorrow we are going to choose an animal to learn about by using a non-fiction book and a graphic organizer to organize our information.

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