Our Last Friday Smiles

Today was the perfect day for the Spray Park! We had such a fun afternoon. It was great to see so many of you at the Family Picnic today as well, I have been at this school for 12 years and we ย have always been lucky to have gorgeous weather!

Here is what made us smile this week; ๐Ÿ™‚

Mon. June 20– not doing any work in science (Danielle)

Tues. June 21-Going outside to play on the kindergarten and grade 1 side (Taylor)

Wed. June 22– learning about graphs in math, they are so easy (Laycie)

Thurs. June 23-playing on the K/1 side again (Ryan)

Fri. June 24– spray park (Mason)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday Smiles

It is hard to believe that there are only 7 days of school left! Here are our smiles for this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mon. June 13– Playing soccer (Drew)

Tues. June 14– Doing art for Father’s Day (Graedin)

Wed. June 15-Voting for our class mascot at the University (Emerson)

Thurs. June 16– Playing on the Ipads with Laycie during inside recess (Gabbi)

Fri. June 17– Finishing our animal unit in science (Meghan)

Enjoy the weekend-Happy Father’s Day!

A Visit from Grade 5

Today we were the luckiest grade 2 class! Mr. Bachmeier came over from WCMS with his class and they performed 8 Fable skits for us. Each group came into our room, performed their fable and then asked us about the lesson of their fable.

They did a fantastic job!

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Thanks for coming to our class 5B ๐Ÿ™‚


Field Trip Fun!

We had such a fun day at the University. The weather was good, the children were so well behaved and the bus ride was noisy!

All 3 programs that we attended were interesting and we learned a lot. I was happy to hear that everyone had a different favourite…ask your child which they liked the best.

Thanks so much to our parent helpers Tyler (Kaleb’s dad) and Melissa (Ryan’s mom)

For many of the kids a highlight was watching a black Ratsnake eat lunch….not me!

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Grade 10 French

This morning we were lucky to have the grade 10 French class come to visit us with Mme. Schneider. The term one class came earlier in the year, and today her term 2 class came.

They brought some stories that they had written and illustrated in French. The grade 2 students rotated through listening to the stories.

I love this because many of the grade 10 students were in my kindergarten class many years ago!

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Sunday Smiles

Here are the smiles from last week…finally ๐Ÿ™‚

Mon. June 6– Earning our note in music class (Seth)

Tues. June 7-Playing with my cousins outside at recess (Reese)

Wed. June 8-Playing wall ball on a hot day (Kaleb)

Thurs. June 9-Watching the video about the 10 deadliest animals (Kayson)

Fri. June 10-The Bill Nye show about insects (Spencer)

It is going to be a fun week with our field trip to the University on Wednesday, June 15. Thanks to Tyler C. and Melissa K. for volunteering to come with us.

It is hard to believe that there are only 12 days of grade 2 left!

Literature Circles

Yesterday we started our Literature Circles reading the book Laura and Jack.

The students have been divided into 4 groups and each day we read a chapter together. After reading the students move into their groups and have a job to do. They will rotate through the jobs with each chapter.

I love reading this book with the students!

Please note that if your child goes to reading club with Mrs. Sielski they will not be doing the literature circle

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Friday Smiles

It has been a very busy and NOISY week in 2JT. We need to remember that there is still 17 more days of school left and we are not done learning yet….

This is what made us smile this week;

Mon. May 30– Playing monkey in the middle at recess (Kaleb)

Tues. May 31-Playing baseball at recess with the boys (Taren)

Wed. June 1– Working on our ABC book about grade 2 (Katie)

Thurs. June 2– Running the races at track and field (Kaiden)

Fri. June 3– Reading my Mighty Robot book (Liv)

Guest Speaker

This morning we were lucky to have Mr. Lyndon Linklater from the Office of the Treaty Commissioner come to speak with us about Treaties and First Nations Culture. He played his drum and did some singing for us too. He had a special ribbon shirt that his mother had made for him. The ribbons on the shirt stand for water, air, animals and fire. Mr. Linklater said that his mushom and kokum (grandpa and grandpa) had told him many stories about respecting the earth and what it provides us.

He also told us a very funny story about 5 brothers with magical powers. Ask your child if they remember any of the powers.

I do have some pictures, but technology is not my friend today and they won’t load….I will try and add them tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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