Friday Smiles

Today was the 20th day of grade 2 (only 163 more to go 🙂 )

This was a busy and very fun week for us in 2T.

Our student teacher Mr. A. will be spending every Wednesday with us until the end of March. He is a 3rd year education student from the U of S. Once he becomes familiar and comfortable in our room, he will do some teaching.

We read many Mo Willems books this week, and as a Friday treat we watched the short Knuffle Bunny movie.

Today in Reading Workshop we talked about story elements and read the book Little Red Riding Hood. Story Elements are all the parts of a story, and they are all the things to talk about when you retell a story.

Our math pattern booklets will be coming home on Monday with a list of all the things we need to know for our quiz next Wednesday.

Here are our smiles 🙂

Sept. 26– going to music with Mrs. Tempel (Adilyn)

Sept. 27– learning about solids in science using playdoh (Sachi)

Sept. 28– gym (Jason)

Sept. 29– doing a liquids experiment in science (Chiedza)

Sept. 30– watching the Knuffle Bunny movie (Brooklyn)

Bob and his Reading Powers

Today in reading workshop we talked about all the parts of our body that we use when we read….we use so much more than just our eyes!

We met my friend “Bob” who is a super reader. He uses his “Reading Powers” to think about what he is reading to help him grow as a reader and understand what he is reading.

See if your child can remember any of the Reading Powers….we also sang a song to help us remember.

We drew a picture of Bob (and his brain) in our Reading Workshop notebooks. 🙂


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Growing in Grade 2

By the end of this week all the children will have brought their Blue Learning Journey duo-tang home at least once to share with their parents. I hope that everyone understands the purpose of this communication between home and school and as well knows what to do with it.

In case you are still unclear this is what we are doing this year….

It is my hope that you will find our new reporting system informative and that you will appreciate receiving the ongoing assessments, work samples and evidence of learning. This new system is a work in progress and your feedback will be extremely helpful.

In our class, each student will have a blue duo tang to hold their assessment pieces. It is called their “Learning Journey”.  I will keep this blue duo tang at school and send it home in the blue bag when there is a new work sample for you to see. At the beginning of the duo tang is a  page with a space for your initials and comments.  Please initial as a way for me to know that you have seen the work and feel free to comment if you would like.  Then send the duo tang back to school.   Our hope is that this format keeps you informed and connected to your child’s learning.  Our intention is to show progress to celebrate as well as areas needing further development.  Hopefully you find this communication meaningful, helpful and informative.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this, or anything that is happening in 2T



Learning about Playground Safety with Nurse Joel

Today we were lucky to have Nurse Joel come in and teach us about playground safety. He read us a story and had us tell him if the animals were being safe or unsafe. Then he showed us some pictures on the projector and we had to tell him if the kids were being safe or unsafe and why. Lastly, the children drew pictures of children showing safe behavior on the playground. It was fun to have him teach us. We hope that he will come back and teach us again sometime.

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Writing and Bucket Filling go together

This afternoon we talked about how writers can write notes.

We decided to write notes to the teachers in our school to tell them that we appreciate them (bucket filling) and to ask them some questions. We also wrote “please write back” in the hope that we get a response. We will keep our fingers crossed that we get some notes back. 🙂

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Go away rain….and Friday smiles

Today was a very long day. We were at school very early for the pancake breakfast and since it rained all day we did not get to go outside at all. To make matters worse, Friday is not a gym day for us. We were a little tired, a little grumpy and feeling a little cooped up today. I hope that the weather (and our mood) improves for next week.

Fresh Grade is up and running as of today. If you returned your permission form I have sent out both an “announcement” as well as a picture of your child’s spelling test from today. Please accept my invitation and let me know if you want me to add any other email addresses to your account.

Here is what made us smile this week;

Sept. 19– doing bucket fillers for art (Ayla)

Sept. 20-making a birthday card for Mrs. Weatherington (Jacob)

Sept. 21-going on the Terry Fox walk (Phoenix) * our class raised $73.00

Sept. 22– playing outside (Jaida H.)

Sept. 23– watching the Pigeon movie (Carlee)

It was nice to connect with so many of you this morning at the breakfast.

I have finished testing the children on their Dolch sight words and will send home lists for them to practice starting next week.

Today I have begun listening to the students read and will adjust their levels for reading accordingly. Please note that it takes a long time to listen to 24 children read. My goal is to listen to them once a month each. If your child is in reading club with Mrs. S. she will be listening to them read and corresponding with you about their reading.

If the blue “Learning Journey” duotang comes home with your child please sign and return it to school.

I am going to cross my fingers that the rain does not last- stay dry this weekend!

Terry Fox Walk

Yesterday was a beautiful day to walk in memory of Terry Fox.

Our class was lucky to lead the giant line of students on our journey to the lake and back. We took turns carrying the special flag. Thanks to Callie’s mom and brother for joining us for part of the walk.

As of today (Thursday) our class has raised $68.00 for cancer research- way to go 2T!!


We are Bucket Fillers!

We have spent a lot of time this week talking about Bucket fillers and Bucket dippers. Ask your child to tell you the difference  between the two.

We made a chart to help remind us, and an art project to give examples.

Check them out when you come to the Meet the Teacher Pancake Breakfast on Friday morning!

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Friday Smiles

This is what made us smile this week:

Sept. 12– everything (Matt)

Sept. 13-playing on the monkey bars (Ana)

Sept. 14– learning about Terry Fox (Derek)

Sept. 15– doing stations in the gym (Barrett)

Just a reminder that it is picture day on Monday for our class. I am guessing that we will not get our pictures done until late morning or early afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the gorgeous weather!