We are busy!

The first 3 days have flown by and we are beginning to settle into a routine. Today is the first day that it doesn’t seem like I talked the WHOLE day long.

We began our first unit in math learning about patterns. We talked about what a pattern was, and then practiced making some.

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We also read a bunch of books by David Shannon about a mischievous little boy named David. We thought it was neat that the author wrote these stories about himself when he was a little boy. We made a chart of things that we should DO and DO NOT do at school Ask your child to tell you about Mrs. Tebay’s funny mistake!


We had our first library visit today as well. Our library day will always be on Tuesdays and the children are able to take out 3 books.

Spelling lists were glued into the planners today- we will have our quizzes on  Fridays. This first list focuses on the short a sound.

I am also hoping to begin leveled reading this week.