Growing in Grade 2

By the end of this week all the children will have brought their Blue Learning Journey duo-tang home at least once to share with their parents. I hope that everyone understands the purpose of this communication between home and school and as well knows what to do with it.

In case you are still unclear this is what we are doing this year….

It is my hope that you will find our new reporting system informative and that you will appreciate receiving the ongoing assessments, work samples and evidence of learning. This new system is a work in progress and your feedback will be extremely helpful.

In our class, each student will have a blue duo tang to hold their assessment pieces. It is called their “Learning Journey”.  I will keep this blue duo tang at school and send it home in the blue bag when there is a new work sample for you to see. At the beginning of the duo tang is a  page with a space for your initials and comments.  Please initial as a way for me to know that you have seen the work and feel free to comment if you would like.  Then send the duo tang back to school.   Our hope is that this format keeps you informed and connected to your child’s learning.  Our intention is to show progress to celebrate as well as areas needing further development.  Hopefully you find this communication meaningful, helpful and informative.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this, or anything that is happening in 2T



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