Friday Smiles

Today was the 20th day of grade 2 (only 163 more to go 🙂 )

This was a busy and very fun week for us in 2T.

Our student teacher Mr. A. will be spending every Wednesday with us until the end of March. He is a 3rd year education student from the U of S. Once he becomes familiar and comfortable in our room, he will do some teaching.

We read many Mo Willems books this week, and as a Friday treat we watched the short Knuffle Bunny movie.

Today in Reading Workshop we talked about story elements and read the book Little Red Riding Hood. Story Elements are all the parts of a story, and they are all the things to talk about when you retell a story.

Our math pattern booklets will be coming home on Monday with a list of all the things we need to know for our quiz next Wednesday.

Here are our smiles 🙂

Sept. 26– going to music with Mrs. Tempel (Adilyn)

Sept. 27– learning about solids in science using playdoh (Sachi)

Sept. 28– gym (Jason)

Sept. 29– doing a liquids experiment in science (Chiedza)

Sept. 30– watching the Knuffle Bunny movie (Brooklyn)

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