The Dot

Today- September 15th is International Dot Day.

The book “The Dot” was written by Peter H. Reynolds to help children be brave enough to make their mark. The story is about getting started and always trying your best.

Today we “listened” to the story on Tumblebooks. We also started learning a song about the story. Next week we will continue to practice as well as learn the actions.

In Art this afternoon we all created our own dots…..they are all different and awesome just like the children! I have displayed them in the hall- please check them out when you visit the school.066¬†065 063 062 061059 058 057 056 055054052051050049047046045044043042041



Reporting vs Tattling

Today in our Reading Workshop time we read the book A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue. Ask your child to tell you what the story is about.

After we finished the book we talked about the difference between reporting and tattling.  The students then helped to sort a variety of scenarios.

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Tomorrow we also will do an individual activity to show if we understand the difference.

In Math we tried to trick our partners by building a pattern with blocks and then seeing if they could extend it. We have been learning some tricky words to describe patterns with; repeat, extend, attribute, core and element.

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Home Reading in Grade 2

We are beginning our home reading program today. I am sure that this is very similar to what your child did in grade 1.

There is an orange duo-tang that will be where we keep our reading log. This will go back and forth to school each day with your child and they will be given opportunity each morning to change their book. I will not do it for them- we are building responsible readers. I will not check the orange duo-tang each day, only on Fridays.

Please take the time to read the pink note I sent home today (in the planners) as well as the info I have included in the duotang. I am going off the level given to me by the grade 1 teacher. When I listen to the children read (near the end of the month) I may change or adjust their level. Right now I am busy testing sight words and then will move onto Reading Benchmarks.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about our Home Reading Program. Remember, the only way to get better at reading is to READ!!

Friday Smiles

Here is what made us smile this week:

Sept. 6– Reading the “David” books (Deamera)

Sept.7– Going to the computer lab for the first time (Nevaeh)

Sept. 8-Making a bus in art (Hayden)

Sept. 9-Singing the school song at the assembly (Lincoln)

This week we learned how to sort and make a sorting rule in Math. The children had to sort animals and food by creating their own sorting rule and then I had to try and figure it out. I was stumped a few times! We also talked about Respect and watched a silly video in Health. We worked together to make a chart showing ways to be respectful in lots of different places. In Art we read a silly story called “The Seals on the Bus” and then made our own buses with animals on them. Today for Story time I read a few books by my favourite author. Ask your child to tell you who it is.

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Your child has brought home their Friday Journal today. Please read the instructions on the inside of the front cover, and then return the journals to school on Monday.

We completed our first spelling test today. Once Fresh Grade is up and running I will send you a picture each Friday after I mark the test. Then you will be able to see the errors made and the mark. I will write the mark from list 1 in the planners on Monday. Please remember to practice the list at home each week and to remember not to put capital letters at the front of a word unless it is a name. If you feel your child needs an adapted list please contact me.

Leveled reading will start next week.

Our picture day will be on Monday, September 19.

Have a wonderful weekend!

We are busy!

The first 3 days have flown by and we are beginning to settle into a routine. Today is the first day that it doesn’t seem like I talked the WHOLE day long.

We began our first unit in math learning about patterns. We talked about what a pattern was, and then practiced making some.

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We also read a bunch of books by David Shannon about a mischievous little boy named David. We thought it was neat that the author wrote these stories about himself when he was a little boy. We made a chart of things that we should DO and DO NOT do at school Ask your child to tell you about Mrs. Tebay’s funny mistake!


We had our first library visit today as well. Our library day will always be on Tuesdays and the children are able to take out 3 books.

Spelling lists were glued into the planners today- we will have our quizzes on  Fridays. This first list focuses on the short a sound.

I am also hoping to begin leveled reading this week.


Friday Smiles

In our classroom we have a Smile Jar. Each day one student shares what “made them smile” at school that day. Every Friday I will post the weekly smiles on our blog. Here is what made us smile this short week;

Sept 1– Making place-mats in art (Keaton)

Sept 2– Using the Ipads for the first time (Brennan)

Thanks to everyone who returned forms today. Please get them in as quickly as possible. I am unable to post any photos on the blog until I know who has given consent.

Just a reminder that there is no school on Monday. See you on Tuesday the 6th. We will start our spelling program and leveled reading next week.

Have a fantastic weekend!



Happy First Day

We have survived our first day of grade two 2016/2017. We settled in quickly this morning and I think we had all our supplies organized by 10 am ( a new record).

We toured the school and talked about the rules and expectations of W.E.S.

I think that we are going to have a fantastic year together!

Please make sure to fill out all the forms I sent home today and return them as soon as possible.

Thanks for making sure that your child (and I) knew the plan for after school. It is always very hectic the first few days figuring out a new routine.

Feel free to contact me through email, phone or the planner with any questions or concerns.:)