Friday Smiles

It was another busy week in 2T. The November newsletters came home today, so please read to find out what we will be up to in November. How are we already 2 months into our year? Time flies when you are busy learning!

This is what made us smile this week:

Oct. 24– having our music party (Derek)

Oct. 25– watching the science guy video (Jason)

Oct. 26- playing outside with the nurses (Nevaeh)

Oct. 27– learning the money song (Jaida K.)

Oct. 28– counting with money (Barrett)

7 kids earned their FREE pizza coupons today- many more children are close. In November we will all start over with a new reading goal. Congrats to Callie, Brennan, Eabha, Nevaeh, Jaida K, Carlee and Barrett for reaching our October goal!


Here are some more pictures of what we were up to this week.

Just a reminder that if you wanted to order pizza for the Hot-lunch day in November the deadline to order is October 31st.

Have a great weekend!

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Phys. Ed. Fun

Today during our gym time we warmed up by doing movement to music. For our activity we continued to work on our kicking and receiving skills by kicking at a target.

During our time in the gym this week we worked on all of these outcomes; health related fitness, active living, loco-motor skills, non-loco-motor skills, manipulative skills, movement variables, strategies and skill, safe behaviors and relationships.

It is hard to believe that this week in gym we have worked on 9 out of the 10 outcomes we cover in grade 2.

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Take Me Outside Day

Today was “Take Me Outside” Day- this day was created by a non-profit organization to educate and create awareness with Canadian students about our connection with nature and our time spent outside.

The nursing students organized activities for each grade group to participate in today.

The grade 2 group was first thing this morning and there were 3 activities for the children to choose between: skipping, tag and free play.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a lot of fun!

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Another love note

I am so happy and proud when another teacher sends me an email to tell me how lovely my class is! 🙂

“I forgot to tell you that every single child said thank you for the candy today at their party.  A couple of them thanked me for the party, too.  You can let them know it filled my bucket!”

Thanks so much Mrs. Tempel!

Goodbye to Miss Fedora

Today was Miss Fedora’s last day in our classroom. She is our grade 12 work experience student who has helped out in our classroom for the last 2 weeks. Miss F. was so much help to us, we really have appreciated the extra help.

We wish her well in her grade 12 year and hope she comes back to visit sometime!


Pizza lunch

Grade 2 & 3 Pizza Lunch on Tuesday, Nov 8th!!
We are going to try and change the process for ordering hot lunches this year. To make it easier for busy parents/families we are going to try online ordering for this Pizza lunch through Healthy Hunger. We have attached information how to get started and order your child(s) pizza. To start the process and set up an account, please click the green Learn more button under Parents and then signup a free account. Follow the attached instructions to register your child and order the hot lunch.
Cost is $6.50 per student and includes: 1 personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut, a bag of chips and a juice box (*Flavours will vary). At the end of your order there will be a 0.50 additional processing fee.
If you mistakenly order a pizza for a student that is NOT in Grade 2 or 3, your order will be deleted (and your money refunded).
Pizzas are ordered in advance, late orders cannot be accepted after October 31st.

Nutritional Guide available upon request.
If you have any questions about the lunch, please contact Denaye Merz at 306-260-4621 or
All proceeds will be going to the SCC Initiatives

Friday Smiles

I was so happy to see the sun this morning. October has been a dreary month.

These are our smiles for this week;

Oct. 17– playing stations in the gym (Adilyn)

Oct. 18– meeting our grade 4 buddies at W.C.M.S. (Lincoln)

Oct. 19– going to the Fire Hall (Brennan)

Oct. 20– learning soccer skills in the gym (Jacob)

Oct. 21– having an outdoor body break on the “little kid” side (Ana)

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! 🙂



Fire Hall tour

We had a fun morning at the Fire Hall this morning. Thanks to Mr. Taylor for arranging a special tour for us. Thanks to Chief Austin and Firefighter Ken for showing us around. Thanks also to Chester for being such a nice dog to let us all pet him!

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We missed you Callie- we hope you feel better soon!


Big Buddies

Today was an exciting day for us in 2T!

We went over to W.C.M.S. to meet and hang out with Ms. Raison’s grade 4 class. Ms. Raison and I have been friends for a long time and we feel it is important to develop relationships between the two schools. I love to do this because many of her students were mine when they were in grade 2.

This was our first visit, so the grade 4 students interviewed the grade 2 and then they found a cozy spot to read together.

We look forward to getting together with them again soon- sometimes they will come to see us, sometimes we will go over there.

Don’t worry, Ms. Raison does not always dress up as a dinosaur 🙂 It was a reward for the Fundscript Campaign that the Middle School is running right now!

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