Big Buddies

Today was an exciting day for us in 2T!

We went over to W.C.M.S. to meet and hang out with Ms. Raison’s grade 4 class. Ms. Raison and I have been friends for a long time and we feel it is important to develop relationships between the two schools. I love to do this because many of her students were mine when they were in grade 2.

This was our first visit, so the grade 4 students interviewed the grade 2 and then they found a cozy spot to read together.

We look forward to getting together with them again soon- sometimes they will come to see us, sometimes we will go over there.

Don’t worry, Ms. Raison does not always dress up as a dinosaur 🙂 It was a reward for the Fundscript Campaign that the Middle School is running right now!

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