Friday Smiles

Today was a noisy day in 2Tebay- maybe they were all so excited to take home their term 1 Learning Journey Report or else it was the gorgeous weather.

Here are our smiles for the week;

Nov. 21– making a winter craft in art (Hayden)

Nov. 22– doing fun things in math about tens and ones (Barrett)

Nov. 23– meeting our Kindergarten buddies for the first time (Lincoln)

Nov. 24– doing our partner show in the gym (Jacob)

Nov. 25– playing store with our money in math (Callie)

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Putting on a show in P.E.

This week during out time in the gym we have been working in partners on balances, supports and bridges. Today the children were able to make a short “show” with their partner using some of what we had done as a class. They also got to perform for the class. The children did a super job!

Please note- I did take pictures of all the groups but there are some I am unable to post due to parent wishes.

001 002 004 005 006 007 008 009 011 012

Math test Unit 2- Numbers to 100

We will be having our math test on Unit 2 on

Friday December 2nd

Below please find listed the essential outcomes for this unit.

The students will be able to………

  • Show a number up to 100 using models-blocks, base ten, ten frames, and money.
  • Read and write any number up to 100.
  • Demonstrate how many tens and ones are in a number.
  • Count by ones, fives, and tens (twos are nice to know).
  • Start counting at any number.
  • Count forwards and backwards.
  • Fill in missing numbers in a number pattern.
  • Put a set of numbers in order from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest.
  • Use ordinals to identify position to tenth.
  • Determine whether sets are equal or not equal.
  • Tell which number is greater.

We will spend time next week reviewing all of these concepts…….please review them at home as well. I will send home our math books on Tuesday November 29th as well.

The children are able to use 100s charts to help them, but they need to know how to use them. If you wish for me to send a chart home for you to have please let me know.

If you have any questions, please contact me.



Friday Smiles

This week was a busy one!

In Math we spent the week learning about place value and talking about how many tens and ones make up a number. Today we played Place Value Go Fish.

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In Reading Workshop we started talking about the Comprehension Strategy of Visualizing, and read a super book called Little Beauty. The first time I read it I didn’t show the book and asked them to tell me what they thought Little Beauty was. The second time we read it they were all surprised to see that she was a kitten.


In Science we started a new unit about Air and Water and we began by working in our table groups to write down things that we already knew about them.

004 005 006 008 009

Here are our smiles 🙂

Nov. 15– having a new spot to sit (Callie)

Nov. 16– going to computers (Jaden)

Nov. 17– picking the first Christmas story to read (Sachneet)

Nov. 18– spelling was a bit fun (Phoenix)


We will be bringing home our Binder Portfolios next week. Please look through them with your child and complete the activity at the end of the term 1 collection (3 stars and a wish). Once you are done with the Portfolio please return it to school.

Learning Journey reports (aka report cards) will come home next Friday, November 25th.

Please remember that each child needs to bring a large Mason Jar for a secret Christmas craft we are making.

We also need an elf hat for each child (Labelled and in a zip loc bag) for the Christmas concert on December 15th.

It is hard to believe, but there are only 23 school days until the Christmas break!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday Smiles :)

What a gorgeous week! I can’t believe this November weather. With the short school week and the sunny days it was hard to stay focused on schoolwork.

Here is what made us smile this week;

Nov. 7– Making Remembrance Day art (Chiedza)

Nov. 8– Watching the movie Mouse and the Motorcycle (Phoenix)

Nov. 9– Going to the Remembrance Day assembly (Jaida H.)

This week we started learning about place value in math (tens and ones), we worked our way up to 20 minutes of quiet reading time during Workshop time and we wrote our first Gerald and Piggie comic book.

Next week we will start new units in Science and in Social Studies. We also will begin learning about the comprehension strategy of visualization in Reading Workshop.

Enjoy the 5 day break. The children are excited to have new places to sit when they return to school on the 15th!

Writing in Grade 2

This week I have sent home some writing samples and I have had some questions as to why I do not always correct the children’s spelling.

I thought that this gave a good explanation…..


photo shared from “Thank God It’s First Grade” by Susan Jones.

I want them to focus on the process of writing and not get hung up on spelling every word perfectly, otherwise some children would write nothing at all.


What a week!

Between the craziness of Halloween and the beautiful weather, it has been quite the week in 2T!

Congratulations to Jaida H. who was a lucky winner in the colouring contest from Family Pizza. She won a bag full of loot!


We welcomed a new student to our class this week. Everyone has been helpful and kind to Jaden. That brings our number up to 25.

We finished reading the book Mouse and the Motorcycle this week, and as a treat for us we will be watching the movie on Tuesday, November 8 in the afternoon. To make the day even more exciting we can wear our pajamas, bring a small stuffie and a snack to munch on during the movie. Tuesday the 8th is also the pizza lunch (for those who ordered) so it may be the best day ever!

This is what made us smile this week;

Oct. 31– making and eating root beer floats (Deamera)

Nov. 1– writing stories about Mrs. Tebay being missing (Carlee)

Nov. 2– having a new student in our class (Eabha)

Nov. 3– the whole day (Matt)

Nov. 4– watching Chip and Dale at lunch time (Ayla)

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the beautiful weather! Every day without snow is a treat 🙂