Friday Smiles

It has been a long week full of inside recess and Christmas Concert practice. I am happy to say that our class is doing a great job of practicing and singing nice and loud.

We will be excited to perform Elflandia for our friends and family on December 15th with shows at 1:15 and 7:00.

Here are our smiles for the week;

Dec. 5– being the star student for the first time (Jaida K.)

Dec. 6– practicing for the Christmas concert with all the grade 2s (Jaida H.)

Dec. 7– going to Mrs. Tempel and singing in the gym (Brooklyn)

Dec. 8– making Christmas trees in art (Carlee)

Dec. 9– working on a secret Christmas art project (Porter)

We started our Gingerbread Man book study this week- ask your child which book is their favorite.

We also did 5 Random Acts of Kindness(RAK) this week- hopefully these acts of kindness are being done at home as well.

Our class has raised $54.20 for the See a Need- Fill a Need campaign so far.

001 002 003

Stay warm this weekend and cross your fingers that the weather improves for next week! Inside recess and no gym don’t go well together. 🙂



2D Shapes

Today we finished up our study of the 2D or flat shapes.

We did shape stations in math. There were 3 stations for us to visit.

  1. Geo boards– where we used elastic bands to create shapes.
  2. I pads– where we used a Geo-board app to create cool pictures.
  3. Our math booklets– where we used dot pattern paper to draw different shapes and pictures.

004 006 007 008 009 011 012 013 014 016 017

Next week we will learn about the 3D or solid shapes.