Friday Smiles

It has been a LONG week- 5 days of inside recess plus a full moon and a Friday the 13th!

We have survived, just barely!

What have we been doing all week to keep us busy during inside recess time?

Many of the children use the ipads, some read or draw pictures. There were some girls busy today building things with links. Many of the boys were building creations with the cube-a-links. Today many were watching some funny Kid Snippet videos. Here is a link to one of my favourites;

Here is what made us smile this week 🙂

Jan. 9– playing badminton in the gym (Jaden)

Jan. 10– going to the library (Ana)

Jan. 11– the whole day, having computers and getting a stuffie (Matt)

Jan. 12– having inside recess (Jacob)

Jan. 13– writing workshop, I always write stories at home and at school (Barrett)

This week we learned all about Fact Families. In Reading Workshop we began working on the comprehension strategy of Inferring. When you infer you are like a reading detective. You use your schema plus the clues from the text to “infer” what is going to happen. We finished up our Social Studies unit on Power and Authority and will finish our Science Air and Water unit on Tuesday. We watched a neat Bill Nye show about Storms today.

The blue Learning Journey duo-tang will be coming home on Monday with a bunch of new stuff to check out inside.

I hope the weather forecast holds true for this weekend as well as for next week- this tired teacher is not a fan of inside recess!

Have a great weekend….and get outside once it warms up!