Friday Smiles

Here is a look at some of the things we did this week….

Today in Reading Workshop we watched a video called Pigeon Impossible. We stopped it a few times so that we could infer what was going to happen next.

We also wrote some paragraphs about Polar Bears. This will be sent home in our Learning Journey duo-tangs once they are completed as our January writing samples.

Here are our smiles for the week 🙂

Jan. 16– playing octopus in gym (Phoenix)

Jan. 17– picking out new books at the library (Jason)

Jan. 18– getting together with our grade 4 buddies (Brennan)

Jan. 19– outside recess and building a fort with Brennan (Phoenix)

Jan. 20– watching the Pigeon Impossible show (Lincoln)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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