Family Book Club Celebration!

We will be celebrating our One School, One Book Club and Humphrey on Wednesday February 8th from 6:30-7:30.  It is a family event.  Pajamas can be worn.  Stuffies can be brought.  Families should bring a flashlight.

Students are to bring inside shoes or wear grippy socks – they will not be allowed into their classrooms, so some may be wanting to bring their shoes home on Wednesday after school.

In the lobby, we will be serving milk and cookies (and juice boxes for those that can’t have milk).

In the library, there will be flashlight reading.

In the gym, there will be craft activities available, drawing on the walls, decorating folders and various crossword puzzles and such.

At 7:10, we will all gather in the gym for some dancing, starting with the Hamster Dance, of course.

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