Friday Smiles

I have never been so happy to see the sun and some warmer temperatures! This has been the winter with the most bus cancellations and inside recesses as far back as I can remember. I was happy to hear that the weather forecast for next week is calling for some lovely days.

We had a great week in 2T full of lots of fun activities, here are our smiles; 🙂

Feb. 6– having an inside recess (Nevaeh)

Feb. 7– using playdoh to make things that roll, spin, push/pull and slide (Eabha)

Feb. 8– going to the computer lab and playing “All About Me” (Brennan)

Feb. 9– doing 100 day art and making us look old (Brooklyn)

Feb. 10– doing art because we got to make valentine bags (Hayden)


Here are a few pictures of our week:

Practicing our spelling words using shaving cream was a fun activity planned by Ms. McLean.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s day on Tuesday. Please send your child’s cards to school as soon as they are finished so that they can “deliver” them.

Our class is going skating on Thursday. Remember that all children who are skating need to wear a hockey or skating helmet. Bike helmets are not allowed. Parents are invited to meet us at the Legends around 1:15 to help us tie skates if they wish.

We will be having a math test on Addition and Subtraction to 18 on Thursday as well. Math books will be coming home on Tuesday as well as some other sheets we have done at school.

Next Friday the 17th the school is having a “Favourite Colour Day“. The children are encouraged to wear their favourite colour to school.