A busy week and our Friday smiles :)

What a busy week we have had in 2JT, and with the gorgeous sunshine it is starting to feel like spring has arrived!

I apologize for forgetting to post our smiles from last week, it was a short week and I forgot!

We have been working hard to wrap up some units of study, and we have also just begun our toughest math unit yet! Our first addition strategy of “adding tens” has been a fairly easy one for us. Next week we are going to learn my favorite strategy to add numbers.

Here is what made us smile from the last 2 weeks:

Mar. 20– making a craft with our kindergarten buddies (Matt)

Mar. 21– doing a math quiz because I love math (Deamera)

Mar. 22– computer time makes me smile because I love reading books (Barrett)

Mar. 27– playing dodge-ball in gym (Phoenix)

Mar. 28– finding the book Lost and Found in the library (Matt)

Mar. 29– playing spelling city on the computers (Brooklyn)

Mar. 30– playing dodge-ball in the gym (Chiedza)

Mar. 31– finishing my adding tens math book (Eabha)

Here are some pictures from our week, have a fantastic weekend!

Today we read some books about April Fools Day…..I hope you don’t get “fooled” tomorrow! Β πŸ™‚


Friday Smiles

Thanks to all the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to come to Activity Conferences last night with their child. The kids were very excited to show what we have been working on in our grade 2 classroom. The students will be bringing home their Binder Portfolios on Monday. They contain a bunch of work samples and art work. Please look through with your child and then complete the activity sheet at the back. Please return the binder to school when you are finished with it.

Today is Report Card day! I hope that you enjoy reading about your child’s progress to date. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me and we can make arrangements to meet if necessary. The envelope needs to be signed and returned, but I don’t need the papers inside back.

Here are our smiles for this week πŸ™‚ ;

Mar. 13– making leprechauns in art (Adilyn)

Mar. 14– going to the library to look at the book fair books (Nevaeh)

Mar. 15– playing games on the computers (Jaida H.)

Mar. 16– moving up 2 levels in reading (Ana)

Mar. 17– the grade 1 assembly about fairy tales (Jacob)

Thank goodness for spring like weather. Make sure to pack some extra socks and pants in backpacks just in case your child gets wet. Rubber boots are also a must, and please write your child’s name inside.

Tuesday, March 21 is Wacky Socks Day to promote World Down Syndrome Day. I want to see some wacky socks in 2T!

We will also be having our Measurement Quiz on March 21, a note came home today explaining what the children need to know.

Have a fantastic weekend!




Measurement Hunt

Yesterday in Math Miss McLean planned a lesson to go with our unit on Measurement. She had a scavenger hunt involving measuring both with non-standard units (cubes) and standard units (rulers). The children had a great time searching around the room for items that matched the descriptors in the boxes!

The 3 Little Pigs

Last Thursday and Friday we did an experiment with Force. First we read the story of the 3 Little Pigs and refreshed our memories as to what happens. I told the kids that I was going to be the Big Bad Wolf and they were going to be the Little Pigs. In partners or table groups they had to build the 3 houses and I was going to huff and puff (apply a force) and try to blow them down. We used paper instead of straw for the first house, Popsicle sticks for the stick house and cube a links for the brick house. Ask your child to tell you if I could blow their house down or not.

Enjoy the pictures!

Please note that due to permission and privacy there are some groups that I couldn’t post the pictures of.


Friday Smiles

This has been the longest week ever- 4 straight days of inside recesses are crazy! Mr. Pauls said during the announcements this morning that he was hopeful that today would be our last inside recess this year. I am crossing my fingers!

Here are our smiles for this week:

Mar. 6– playing ball in the gym (Jason)

Mar. 7– bringing Mrs. T. a dress from India (Sachi)

Mar. 8– working on my guitar at music (Callie)

Mar. 9– building our 3 little pig houses in science (Porter)

Mar. 10– having a Go Noodle body break (Jaden)

This afternoon we finished our experiment with force and our little piggie houses. I will post all the pictures on Monday. I am off to cheer on my “soccer star” in her last game of the indoor season!

Have a great weekend and hope for some warmer weather next week! πŸ™‚


Friday Smiles

Today was the 111th day of grade 2. I can hardly believe that we are just about into the last third of the year.

It has been an assembly filled week in our classroom and I am happy to be back into my routine with the students.

Here is what made us smile this week;

Feb. 27– there is no smile for today, they forgot

Feb. 28– music because we were making guitars (Lincoln)

Mar. 1– going to the guide dog assembly (Keaton)

Mar. 2– going to the puppet show (Derek)

Mar. 3– working on my story in writing workshop (Ayla)

I haven’t forgotten about sending home the Learning Journey duo-tangs. I will send them next week. I need them this weekend so that I can finish the Learning Journey Reports which come home on March 17. I am going to listen to students read over the next couple of weeks, but their newest level may not be in their report depending on when I hear them read. Our goal for the end of the year is to be reading at level 19….some of us have already met that goal and others are very close. Keep reading!

Our pizza winners for February were: Eabha, Adilyn, Barrett, Callie, Porter, Jaida K, Keaton, Brooklyn, Ayla and Brennan. March is the last month to earn a pizza coupon for reading….the goal is to read 20 days in March!

Don’t forget to book an activity conference for the 16th. I will send a note if I would like to see you for a personal interview on the 21st. If you wish to meet with me one-on-one please let me know so we can arrange a time. The children are excited to share their learning with you, as well as their story writing and their favorite iPad apps at the Activity Conferences. See you then!

Have a fantastic weekend πŸ™‚ !

Mark Your Calendars


Friday, March 3 School Preference Forms are due

Friday, March 3 WES Newsletter goes out

Monday, March 5 5:30 p.m. SCC Meeting

Monday, March 5 6:30-7:30 pm SCC Book Exchange in the Gym

Thursday, March 16 3:45-7:15 p.m. Student Led Conferences (Gr.1-3)

Friday, March 17 Grade 1-3 Learning Summaries go home

Friday, March 17 WEAR GREEN

Tuesday, March 21 3:45-7:15 pm Invitational/Requested Interviews (Gr. 1-3)

March 16 – 21 Scholastic Book Fair in our Library

March 21 Down Syndrome Day Wear mismatched socks

Thursday, March 23 Prep Day – NO CLASSES

Friday, March 24 Day in Lieu -NO CLASSES

Monday, April 3 7 pm SCC Meeting

Friday, April 7 WES Newsletter goes out



Special Assembly

Today we were lucky enough to go to a special assembly in the gym.

The man leading the show was Chad Solomon and he brought some puppets with him. He invited some of the students and staff to help him tell a story about Mother Earth and treaties. The main characters in the story were Rabbit, Bear Paws and Strawberry.

We were excited to find out that we have many of his books in our library and we look forward to reading them.

Here is the website if you want to check it out www.rabbitandbearpaws.com.