A busy week and our Friday smiles :)

What a busy week we have had in 2JT, and with the gorgeous sunshine it is starting to feel like spring has arrived!

I apologize for forgetting to post our smiles from last week, it was a short week and I forgot!

We have been working hard to wrap up some units of study, and we have also just begun our toughest math unit yet! Our first addition strategy of “adding tens” has been a fairly easy one for us. Next week we are going to learn my favorite strategy to add numbers.

Here is what made us smile from the last 2 weeks:

Mar. 20– making a craft with our kindergarten buddies (Matt)

Mar. 21– doing a math quiz because I love math (Deamera)

Mar. 22– computer time makes me smile because I love reading books (Barrett)

Mar. 27– playing dodge-ball in gym (Phoenix)

Mar. 28– finding the book Lost and Found in the library (Matt)

Mar. 29– playing spelling city on the computers (Brooklyn)

Mar. 30– playing dodge-ball in the gym (Chiedza)

Mar. 31– finishing my adding tens math book (Eabha)

Here are some pictures from our week, have a fantastic weekend!

Today we read some books about April Fools Day…..I hope you don’t get “fooled” tomorrow!  🙂