Friday Smiles

Sorry for the delay in posting our smiles for the week….there were some technical difficulties!

I hope that everyone is able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day we are having today.

Here is what made us smile this week:

April 24– doing a health experiment with eggs (Derek)

April 25– playing the game Islands in music (Ana)

April 26– doing activities for Earth Day (Brennan)

April 27– helping the Earth by cleaning up garbage (Keaton)

April 28– finishing our Earth Day art (Callie)

It has been another busy week in 2T. We started learning a new math strategy called “Friendly Number“. I will post a video soon on Fresh Grade explaining the strategy. This week we will begin to add 3 numbers- that is tricky!

We also started talking about the comprehension strategy of Transforming. That is why I was wearing the Transformers mask the other day. Good readers “transform” their thinking while they read.This week we set a new stamina record during our Reading Workshop time, we can read for 34 minutes! Tomorrow we are going to begin to talk about the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts. We will also begin talking about non-fiction text features and how they help us understand what we read.

Please remember to go to the Healthy Hunger website and order your pizza!

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is May- where has the time gone? May newsletters were sent home on Friday and Field Trip permission forms will come home tomorrow. Please sign and return the permission forms asap. 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday!


Pizza Lunch

Grade 2 & 3 Pizza Hut Lunch on Tuesday, May 9th!!


We are going to be placing the orders through Healthy Hunger again for this hot lunch.  If you already have an account please proceed to the Health Hunger website ( and enter your account to place your order.   If you are new and have not created an account, attached is information how to get started and order your child(s) Pizza Lunch.  To start the process and set up an account, please click the green Learn more button under Parents and then signup a free account.  Follow the attached instructions to register your child and order the hot lunch.    


Cost is $6.50 per student and includes: 1 personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut, a bag of chips and a juice box (*Flavours will vary).  At the end of your order there will be a 0.50 additional processing fee. 


If you mistakenly order a pizza for a student that is NOT in Grade 2 or 3, your order will be deleted (and your money refunded).


Pizzas are ordered in advance, late orders cannot be accepted after Monday May 1, 2017.  Nutritional Guide available upon request.


If you have any questions about the lunch, please contact Denaye Merz at  You can also call Healthy Hunger if you have any questions about the site at 1-800-818-6260.


All proceeds will be going to the SCC Initiatives



Happy Easter!

We had a great day in 2T!

Other than having to watch a different movie then we had planned due to some technical difficulties, our afternoon was awesome! Thanks so much to Mrs. Knorr for coming in and making us popcorn (and cleaning up the mess). It was just like being at the movies!

Here are our smiles for the week:

April 10– making Easter bunny bags in art (Jaida K.)

April 11– creating our own community in Social Studies (Sachi)

April 12– practicing the red river jig in music (Hayden)

April 13– having a popcorn and movie party (Barrett)

Here are some pictures of what we did this week:

Just a reminder that we are off on Easter break next week. We are back to school on Monday, April 24th!

Happy Easter! 🙂


Friday Smiles

What a gorgeous day today! It was so nice this afternoon that we were able to play outside without our jackets on. 🙂

Here are our smiles for the week:

Apr. 3– making a special book for Ms. McLean (Deamera)

Apr. 4– math because I like learning a new strategy (Ayla)

Apr. 5– having an ice cream treat from Ms. M. (Jason)

Apr. 6– going to visit our grade 4 buddies (Carlee)

Apr. 7– enjoying the beautiful weather at recess (Nevaeh)

Only 4 more days of school until the Easter Break. We can do it!

Just a few reminders for next week:

  • our class lunch is on Wed. April 12th the kids will just need to bring a snack that day. Check your child’s planner or the April newsletter to see if it is your turn to provide the food.
  • April 13 is Hat and Mustache day.
  • We are crossing our fingers that we earn our popcorn and movie party this week….we only need 19 more points!  We will keep you posted if we earn it before the break!