Smiles 😊

Today was the 14th day of grade 2!

We had another great week together, unfortunately we had some inside recesses which are not my favourite.

Hopefully the weather cooperates for our Terry Fox walk on the 27. Today we found out that the class that raises the most money will get to throw a pie in Mr. Dyck’s face!

Here is what made us smile:

Sept. 18- doing science and learning about solids (Sutton)

Sept 19- having our first inside recess (Owen)

Sept 20- making bucket filler art ( Ellie)

Sept 21-learning about positive and negative attitudes in social studies (Claire H.)

Sept 22- going to the virtue assembly and singing (Tristan)

Check your child’s planners for information about how to book interviews in October as well as details on our first pizza lunch happening October 4.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday Smiles :)

Happy Saturday!

This week the smiles are a little late as I was out of the classroom Thursday and Friday for a conference, and an internship meeting. Friday was a great day for Ms. Nadeau and I to spend together planning and getting ready for when she takes over more teaching time. In mid-October she will begin her 5 week stint of teaching full time which will be a great opportunity for her to experience life as a teacher, and also a great opportunity for me to sit back and observe students learning.

Thanks to Mrs. Nicholson who texted me the smiles for Thursday and Friday. Here is what made us smile this week….and I promise that we do more than just gym and recess!

Sept 11– playing freeze tag in the gym (Claire M.)

Sept. 12– playing ball tag (Grady)

Sept. 13– playing MORE ball tag (Drew)

Sept. 14– doing gym in the classroom (Zackary)

Sept. 15– listening to Haven’s star student (Avery B.)

I am happy to report that I have received all the Fresh Grade permission forms and have started to post some photos into the portfolios. Please contact me if you have any trouble accepting my invitation or accessing your child’s portfolio.

On Monday, September 18 at 1:00 is the official grand opening of Traditions Elementary School. It will be exciting to attend the celebration along with the students and staff of Holy Trinity!

Have a great weekend!


Matter Surprise Bags

Today in science Ms. Nadeau gave each table group a paper bag. She told them that inside of the bag were re a variety of objects that had different properties. Each group had to open the bag, explore the items and fill out the scavenger hunt grid. It was a noisy afternoon full of learning and exploring properties of matter!

Classroom Rules

Today we talked about classroom rules and why they are important. We read the book David Goes to School and discussed all the thing that he did that were wrong( David is a bit of a stinker).  After reading we made a chart of the do’s and don’ts of school behaviour. The students gave a lot of great answers, many were similar.

I want the focus to be on the positive so these are the rules we will be following this year in 2Tebay!

We are going to have a great year!

What a week!

We have had a great week in 2T. The children have begun to know the routines both inside the classroom and outside at recess. We have enjoyed exploring this awesome school!

Today during our Reading Workshop time we talked about what Reading Workshop is and why we have it. We also talked about what everyone’s job is during that time. We did great at “doing our jobs” today!

Every Friday I will post our “Smiles” from the week. Each day a student is chosen to share something that we did at school that day that made them smile. 🙂

Here are our smiles from this week:

Sept. 5– playing outside at recess (Avery M)

Sept. 6– going on the swings (Solana)

Sept. 7– using the parachute in the gym (Hennessey)

Sept. 8– seeing Mrs. Tebay(Rylie)

Please sign and return the Fresh Grade permission forms as well as the school registration forms. I would love to post our pictures from the first day as well as many others from our classroom, but I need photo consent to do so. Thanks to everyone who has already completed their forms.

Have a fabulous weekend, what beautiful weather for September!



Happy First Day!

We had a wonderful and exhausting first day of grade 2. School supplies were unpacked quickly and we took a tour of this amazing building!

Please make sure to read all the information that was sent home today, and fill out the front of the planner with parent contact information. Once I know who has media release I will be able to post photos on the blog as well.

It is important that I know how your child is going home after school. Children will not be allowed on the bus without a pass. Hopefully things will run more smoothly as the week progresses.

I am  happy that I remembered to take the first day pictures, and hand out the treats. I am sure that everyone will be going to bed early tonight.

I can tell that we are going to have a great year together.  🙂