Saturday Smiles :)

Happy Saturday!

This week the smiles are a little late as I was out of the classroom Thursday and Friday for a conference, and an internship meeting. Friday was a great day for Ms. Nadeau and I to spend together planning and getting ready for when she takes over more teaching time. In mid-October she will begin her 5 week stint of teaching full time which will be a great opportunity for her to experience life as a teacher, and also a great opportunity for me to sit back and observe students learning.

Thanks to Mrs. Nicholson who texted me the smiles for Thursday and Friday. Here is what made us smile this week….and I promise that we do more than just gym and recess!

Sept 11– playing freeze tag in the gym (Claire M.)

Sept. 12– playing ball tag (Grady)

Sept. 13– playing MORE ball tag (Drew)

Sept. 14– doing gym in the classroom (Zackary)

Sept. 15– listening to Haven’s star student (Avery B.)

I am happy to report that I have received all the Fresh Grade permission forms and have started to post some photos into the portfolios. Please contact me if you have any trouble accepting my invitation or accessing your child’s portfolio.

On Monday, September 18 at 1:00 is the official grand opening of Traditions Elementary School. It will be exciting to attend the celebration along with the students and staff of Holy Trinity!

Have a great weekend!