Estimation Stations

Today in math we worked on the skill of estimating. When you estimate, you are making a smart guess. We worked in partner groups moving around the room. At each station the students had to make an estimate, and then count the items by practicing their skip counting to see how close they were.


Learning about Treaties

Today we started our unit on Treaties. I was surprised with how much the students already knew about the topic. Ms. Nadeau did an activity with the students to show how confusing the treaties were to the First Nations. Ask your child to share what happened in the activity with you.

Friday Smiles

We have survived another week in 2T. Right now all that we can talk about is Halloween next week. Please read the info in the previous blog post about wearing costumes to school on Tuesday.

The November newsletter will be coming home on Monday and it has some expectations regarding bringing candy to school, as well as everything you need to know about November in our classroom.

Here is what us smile this week at school:

Mon. Oct. 23– being picked for smile jar (Sutton)

Tues. Oct. 24– reading to my kindergarten buddy (Ainsley)

Wed. Oct. 25– playing on the climbing wall and with the volleyballs at gym (Avery M.)

Thurs. Oct. 26– the snow in the park (Claire M. )

Fri. Oct. 27– doing gymnastics in gym class (Owen)

I’m happy that the snow is melting and that it looks like we will have good weather for Halloween next week! Have a great weekend!


Halloween Day Dress Up
On Tuesday, October 31st we want to provide the students of Traditions Elementary School the opportunity to dress up in their Halloween costumes. We also want to ensure that while having fun dressing up in costumes we are still able to have a productive school day and to ensure that the learning agenda for the day continues. In order to assist all of our students with having a fun and productive day at school on Halloween Day, here are a few guidelines that we would appreciate it if you could help us out with:

1. No toy or costume weapons of any type (knives, guns, swords, spears, etc.) will be permitted at school.
2. No gory or scary costumes, makeup or accessories (we have a lot of very small children at our school and don’t want to scare any of them).
3. If your costume has accessories that are not attached to the costume, we would prefer that they be left at home and used on Halloween night while trick or treating. We don’t want to see these items getting lost or broken while at school.
4. Students will be going outside to play at recess and at the lunch break. For that reason, we would encourage students to bring their costumes to school and pull them on over their clothes after the lunch break. We don’t want to see costumes getting dirty or being wrecked before the big night.
That said, it is important to note that staff will not be able to help dress the students in their costumes during the day. There are just too many students for that to be possible.
If students aren’t able to change into their costumes on their own and do wear their costumes for the entire day, please be aware that they will be wearing them for all of the regular activities of a school day, including Phys. Ed., recess, and lunch.
If parents need to assist their child in getting dressed in their costume for the afternoon, then we would request that you pick your child up for lunch on that day and take them home to help them get dressed.
5. If students do not have a costume or prefer not to wear a costume to school, then we would encourage them to wear Orange and Black for the day.

We want to ensure a fun and productive day at school.
Looking forward to a fun day!!

Reader’s Theater

Today the children started practising a Reader’s Theater in small groups. First they started talking about vocal colouring and how the expression of your voice changes when you read. Then they broke into small groups to practice a short play called Loose Tooth. I can’t wait to see them perform!

SCC Book Exchange is coming!

Traditions Elementary School Community Council
Come and Go Book Exchange
Monday November 6th, 2017 from 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Traditions Elementary School Library – 2nd Floor

1.      During the week of Oct. 30th – Nov. 3rd students can bring good used books to their classroom.  (A rule of thumb:  a book that you would welcome into your home, also appropriate for elementary aged kids.)  All books will be set up Monday ( November 6th) afternoon and must be brought to school before then.
2.     Maximum number of books to pick up is 6.  (You may bring more to school but will only be allowed to pick 6)
3.     Classroom teachers will keep a tally of books brought in by students.  These sheets will be at grade group tables when you show up at the gym on Monday evening.
4.     When you show up at the book exchange check in at the table for your child’s grade and you will be given the number of books your children can pick up.  The number of books you previously brought equal the number you can pick up that evening.
5.     All participating students will be eligible to fill out entry forms to win gift certificates.
This is a family event and we encourage adults to join their children.  The School Community Council wants to encourage a fun family evening that highlights the importance of reading.   Don’t miss out on this opportunity to trade some of those books that are no longer read for ones that will encourage your child to spend time with a good book.


Ms. Nadeau has been teaching our science unit on Matter and the students have loved it!

She has planned so many fun experiments for us to do. The last activity was about the density of liquids, take a look at what we did.


Sorry for the delay in posting our smiles for the week. I have spent the weekend moving and things have been a little crazy!

Mon. Oct. 16– being the star student (Claire H.)

Tues. Oct. 17– listening to the travelling readers (Avery B.)

Wed. Oct. 18– playing lava tag at recess (Drew)

Thurs. Oct. 19– playing ball tag with my friends (Lachlan)

Fri. Oct. 20– going to the assembly and watching the gr. 1s put a pie in Mr. Dyck’s face (Haven)

I watched a video on twitter of the pie throwing and it looked like Mr. Dyck had just as much fun as the kids did!

This week begins Ms. Nadeau’s third week of full time teaching. I am working my way through reading testing the students, I am about half finished. I thought it would be difficult for me to fill my days as an observer in the classroom, but it has been a surprisingly easy transition for me. 🙂

As the weather turns cooler, please make sure that children are dressed warmly. It seems to always be windy around TES, so sticking a toque or mittens in backpacks is a good idea.

Enjoy your Sunday evening.


Can you help?


Hello parents,
We would like to invite you to help us fill a few spots for our daily supervision (12:25 – 12:50) on the school playground and tarmac areas. You will be paid for your time.
Please contact our Vice Principal, Mrs. Olson, at 306-683-5200 or by email at to inquire about days and payment.

·       Please note, PSSD requires a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check (no charge).  More information is available at our main office.