Sunday Smiles

Happy October!

What a gorgeous weekend we have had! I will cross my fingers that this weather continues for as long as possible.

I was away on Friday at a Writing Conference and I am happy to say that my substitute Mrs. E. gave me a lovely report on how the day went.

Here are our smiles:

Sept. 25– working on my spelling list (Abbey)

Sept. 26– being picked to do smile jar (Haven)

Sept. 27– playing on the monkey bars (Stella)

Sept. 28– having an outdoor body break (Ainsley)

Sept. 29– enjoying my monkey bar treat at snack (Abbotte)

This week is going to be busy. On Wednesday it is Pizza day for the students who ordered. Thursday we will be having our first class lunch together to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Learning Journey duo-tangs are coming home tomorrow for the first time. We used these last year at WES as well so they should be familiar to parents. Please look through your child’s work samples, and then sign and return the duo-tang to school.

There is no school on Friday, October 6 or Monday, October 9.

Starting after the long weekend Ms. Nadeau will be teaching full time. I know that she is going to do an amazing job with the students.

Please remember to book an interview online, the instructions are on the school’s website. I look forward to touching base with you about your child’s transition into second grade next week on October 10 or 12.

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