Friday Smiles-2018 edition

Happy New Year! We have survived our first week of school in 2018 even with 3 straight days of indoor recess. The students managed to find quiet indoor activities to keep them occupied during the cold weather this week. I am crossing my fingers that this cold snap ends soon so we can get back outside!

We began new units in all subject areas this week, so there is a lot going in on in our classroom!

Here is what made us smile this week:

Mon. Jan. 8– being picked for smile jar (Rylie)

Tues. Jan. 9– drawing a number story in math (Avery M.)

Wed. Jan. 10– painting during art (Stella)

Thurs. Jan. 11– finishing our tree projects in art (Ainsley)

Fri. Jan. 12– playing Dr. Dodgeball in gym (Zackary)

Have a great weekend, and stay warm!


One thought on “Friday Smiles-2018 edition

  1. Hi Grade 2 and Mrs. Tebay! I look forward to seeing what you are learning about! I hope it warms up this week so you can be outside for recess.

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