Learning How to Infer

This week during our Reading Workshop time we started learning about what it means to Infer. When you infer you are being a “Reading Detective” because you use the clues from the text to make a good guess about what is going to happen. Making inferences uses your schema(what you already know) as well as the evidence you find in the text.

On Monday we looked at pictures and made inferences about what had happened based on the picture clues.

Today we watched a video and stopped it several times to talk about what we inferred and why. The video was so cute that we wanted to share it with our families. Check it out!

On Thursday we are going to infer about the items in my school bag. Why does Mrs. Tebay have so many things in her school bag, and what does she use them all for?

Today was a great day, we were so happy to be able to go back outside to play and our friend Claire is back at school! 🙂



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