Friday Smiles

This has been a beautiful week in 2T. It is funny how much the weather can change in a day. We went from inside recesses to lovely sunny weather in 24 hours!

We have been learning about so many fun things in our classroom.

In Science we are busy learning about Motion. We did a “Motion Hunt” in our classroom and then we experimented with play-doh in a Motion Factory.

In Social Studies we are learning about leaders and came up with examples of leaders in both our school community as well as a different community.

This week we focused on Fact Families in Math. Look for an exit card coming home in the Learning Journey duo-tang to show understanding next week.

In Reading Workshop this week we practiced the strategy of Inferring. We made some inferences when watching a video about a pig. Some of the kids said that the link from a previous post didn’t work, so just search for “Ormie the pig“. We also made some inferences about the things in my school bag. Next week we will begin to infer using books.

We also learned about bacteria and white blood cells in Health. Ask your child if they remember what the white blood cells do to the bacteria when we are sick.

We loved trying out the ringette sticks in Gym this week!

Here is what made us smile: 🙂

Mon. Jan. 15– having free time (Lachlan)

Tues. Jan 16– doing a motion hunt in science (Avery B.)

Wed. Jan. 17– staying in at lunch for writing club (Hennessey)

Thurs. Jan. 18– playing with the parachute in gym (Ellie)

Fri. Jan. 19– watching Auto B Good at the assembly (Grady)

** FYI- we now have a student in our classroom with a nut allergy. Please be extra careful when packing snacks and lunches to make sure that there is nothing that contains nuts!**