Friday Smiles

YAY- we have made it to Winter Break!

We are so tired of inside recess, and I have high hopes that we are finally done with them!

Here is what made us smile this week:

Mon. Feb. 12– playing poison ball in gym with Mrs. Eybersen (Zackary)

Tues. Feb. 13– celebrating 100th day and skating (Rylie)

Wed. Feb. 14– having a Valentine party in the afternoon (Ainsley)

Thurs. Feb. 15– using the speed stackers in gym (Abbotte)

Fri. Feb. 15– helping to do a class clean up before the break (Claire H.)

Enjoy the Family Day with each other! The first day back after the holidays is Monday, February 26th.

Just a reminder that I will be away until February 28th. My substitutes will not have access to my email so all communication will need to be done through the planner or the office.

Valentines Day

We had a lovely afternoon. Thanks to Owen and Zackary for bringing us treats. They were delicious!

My bucket was overflowing when we opened our Valentine bags this afternoon, so many “thank you’s“ were heard around the room.

Happy Valentines Day! ❤️

Friday Smiles

We have survived 10 straight days of inside recess! I have my fingers crossed that this cold snap is almost done. The children have done a good job of keeping themselves busy and somewhat quiet during all our inside time but they are ready to get outside!

Ask your child about the surprise visitor we had in 2T today. 🙂

Here are our smiles:

Mon. Feb. 5– going to Maker Space (Lachlan)

Tues. Feb. 6– making a bookmark and necklace at Maker Space (Hennessey)

Wed. Feb. 7– reading the Canadian Monster book (Avery M.)

Thurs. Feb. 8– making a lot of puppets (Claire M.)

Fri. Feb. 9– playing dr. dodgeball in gym (Avery B.)

Have a great weekend!



Check it out!

On Tuesday morning I was out of the classroom. Mrs. Wolfe wanted to set up her own blog for Arts Ed. Her and I worked together and now Music Matters is up and running. It is another great way to be informed and involved in what your child is learning at school.

Check it out and see what your child is doing in Arts Ed.!

Pink Shirt Day- February 28th

PINK SHIRT DAY – February 28/18

Why do we wear pink shirts?

In 2007 two boys, David and Travis, noticed another boy being bullied at
school for wearing a pink shirt.
That night they went out and bought 50 tank tops
and sent out a message to their classmates asking
them to wear pink to show support for the boy who
was being bullied. The next day David and Travis
handed out the tank tops in the schools’ foyer to
anyone who wanted to stand up to the bully too!

The kindness of the two boys helped stop the bullying! What kind things
can you do to make the world a better place?

We at T.E.S. will be wearing pink shirts on February 28. The SLC will also be planning activities for that week to coordinate with this theme.

Dates to Remember


Feb 5 SCC Meeting (8 pm)
Feb 5 Deadline to order Pizza Lunch
Feb 12 SCC Pizza Lunch – KA, Grades 1 & 2
Feb 13 SCC Pizza Lunch – KB, Grades 3 & 4
Feb 14 KA Progress Reports go home
Feb 15 KB Progress Reports go home
Feb 19 – 23 Winter Break – NO CLASSES
Feb 28 Anti-Bullying Day – WEAR PINK

March 2 Newsletter
March 12 PD Day – NO CLASSES
March 12 SCC MEETING (8 pm)
March 15 Gr. 1-4 Student Led Activity Conferences (3:30- 7:15 pm)
March 16 Learning Summaries (Gr. 1-4) go home
March 20 Gr. 1-4 Invitational Conferences 3:30-7:15
March 29 Day in Lieu – NO CLASSES


Friday Smiles

We have made it to February- Wednesday was the official half way point of the school year. The time is flying by in 2Tebay.

Here are our smiles for this week:

Mon. Jan. 29– playing the Angry Birds game at inside recess (Everett)

Tues. Jan. 30– watching the Mouse and the Motorcycle movie (Ellie)

Thurs. Feb. 1– making groundhogs in art (Haven)

Fri. Feb. 2– being able to have “Fun Friday” (Drew)

Have a wonderful weekend, I am hoping that the weather warms up so that we will be able to head outside next week. This teacher is tired of having inside recess! 🙂