Friday Smiles

We have survived 10 straight days of inside recess! I have my fingers crossed that this cold snap is almost done. The children have done a good job of keeping themselves busy and somewhat quiet during all our inside time but they are ready to get outside!

Ask your child about the surprise visitor we had in 2T today. 🙂

Here are our smiles:

Mon. Feb. 5– going to Maker Space (Lachlan)

Tues. Feb. 6– making a bookmark and necklace at Maker Space (Hennessey)

Wed. Feb. 7– reading the Canadian Monster book (Avery M.)

Thurs. Feb. 8– making a lot of puppets (Claire M.)

Fri. Feb. 9– playing dr. dodgeball in gym (Avery B.)

Have a great weekend!



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