Friday Smiles

YAY- we have made it to Winter Break!

We are so tired of inside recess, and I have high hopes that we are finally done with them!

Here is what made us smile this week:

Mon. Feb. 12– playing poison ball in gym with Mrs. Eybersen (Zackary)

Tues. Feb. 13– celebrating 100th day and skating (Rylie)

Wed. Feb. 14– having a Valentine party in the afternoon (Ainsley)

Thurs. Feb. 15– using the speed stackers in gym (Abbotte)

Fri. Feb. 15– helping to do a class clean up before the break (Claire H.)

Enjoy the Family Day with each other! The first day back after the holidays is Monday, February 26th.

Just a reminder that I will be away until February 28th. My substitutes will not have access to my email so all communication will need to be done through the planner or the office.