Happy Easter!

This week went by so quickly, it is unfortunate that the cold weather is going to stick around for the Easter Weekend. I hope that everyone enjoys a weekend filled with family and relaxing.

Please remember that there is no school on March 29 or 30, and then the school is closed next week for the Easter break. Classes will resume on April 9.

Here are our smiles for this week:

Mon. Mar. 26– playing “trash in my backyard” in gym (Zackary)

Tues. Mar. 27– watching a movie (Avery B.)

Wed. Mar. 28– going skating (George)

Friday Smiles

I don’t know what has happened to the weather outside…but I am not impressed! We had to have an inside recess at lunch today because it was so blustery. What happened to Spring?

Here are our smiles:

Mon. Mar. 19– doing speed stackers in gym (Stella)

Tues. Mar. 20– writing letters during writing workshop (Grady)

Wed. Mar. 21– having some free choice colouring time (Rylie)

Thurs. Mar. 22– doing Easter art (Solana)

Fri. Mar. 23– making bunny bags (Ellie)

Congratulations to the 7 girls from our class that have joined the choir with Mrs. Wolfe. They sang at the music festival on Thursday and received a score of 84%.

Next week is short but very busy! We are voting on our favourite Willow Award books at Mrs. McNeil’s kindergarten class gala on Tuesday. Our class is having our 3rd special lunch on Wednesday and then all the grade 2s will be going skating at the Legends Centre that afternoon.

Just a reminder that there is no school next Thursday, March 29- that is our day off in lieu for interviews…that is also the day my family takes possession of our new house. I am very excited to finally get moved and settled!

“Rock Your Socks” on March 21

We have an amazing friend who has Down Syndrome in one of our Kindergarten classes. On Wednesday, March 21st, it is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. All over the world on this day, people will be wearing mis-matched socks that are not the same, otherwise known as “Rocking your Socks!” The purpose of this is to show our support to people who have Down Syndrome and their families. By doing this, we are celebrating that even though we are all different and unique, we are also the same in so many ways.

On Wednesday, I will proudly be wearing mis-matched socks and I would like to invite you all, especially your children, to “rock your socks” as well!”

YAY for Friday

It was such a busy week! Thanks to everyone who attended our activity conferences last night. The students were very excited to share their learning with parents. I overheard a lot of fluent reading happening, and I saw many close estimates when measuring. Please return the pink letter to your child to me at school so that I can put it into their Learning Journey duo-tang.

Today the term 2 Learning Summaries (report cards) came home. Please sign and return only the envelope to me. Contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

We started a new classroom incentive this week “Secret Student“. Ask your child to explain to you how it works. I am hopeful that it will help with some of the spring fever behaviours I am seeing in the classroom.

Here is what made us smile this week:

Tues. Mar. 13– going to choir with Claire H. (Abbey)

Wed. Mar. 14– doing secret student for the first time (Lachlan)

Thurs. Mar. 15– drawing a secret leprechaun picture for art (Sutton)

Fri. Mar. 16– colouring a giant shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day (Hennessey)

Happy Birthday today to our favourite classroom helper Mrs. Nicholson. One of the students asked her how old she was, and her response was “one year older than last year”! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Friday Smiles

Happy Friday!

Here is what made us smile this week:

Mon. Mar. 5– going snowshoeing (George)

Tues. Mar. 6– skipping in the gym (Tristan)

Wed. Mar. 7– reading the book “Who Broke the Teapot” (Claire H.)

Thurs. Mar. 8– working on my story about the Elements in Writing Workshop (Drew)

Fri. Mar. 9– playing with our Kindergarten buddies (Ainsley)

Please remember there is no school on Monday, March 12. I will be here working hard, but the students get to sleep in!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather! 🙂


Book Fair

Yesterday Mrs. Olson came to our classroom to tell us all about the book fair that is happening from March 13-15. She brought 2 books to show us and then did book talks about them. A book talk is like a “commercial” for a book.

Our class is excited to preview the book fair on March 13 and then it will be open for shopping on the 14 and 15.



A big goal for us in grade 2 is to develop our reading fluency. In first grade the focus is decoding (reading the words). In second grade we want to “ sound like” a reader. These are the things that we have been practicing. We are excited to read fluently to our parents at activity conferences next week. Don’t forget to book your spot online!

Friday Smiles

It appears that March might be coming in like a lion. I am hoping that the storm that is supposed to come tomorrow doesn’t happen because I have enjoyed the warmer temperatures of this week and am ready for Spring to arrive!

Here is what us smile this week in 2T:

Mon. Feb. 26– playing outside with Abbotte and baby Alive (Solana)

Tues. Feb. 27– playing survival tag outside at recess (Sutton)

Wed. Feb. 28– working on my funny story in writing workshop (Grady)

Thurs. Mar. 1– watching the Rabbit and Bear Paws assemblies (Stella)

Fri. Mar. 2– playing pirates with Stella (Abbey)

Don’t forget to book an activity conference online. They are coming up quickly on March 15th. The students will be excited to share their learning with you.

Term 2 progress reports will be coming home on March 16th.

Have a great weekend!


Rabbit and Bear Paws

Today we were lucky to be able to attend 2 special assemblies put on by Chad Solomon from Ontario. He uses puppets to tell stories about First Nation culture. The morning assembly was about treaties and lands.The story focused on a Wampum belt- a story told with beads given to remind us that we all live on one planet. The message he wanted us to take away is that a treaty is a promise to keep for all time.
Ellie had a great question at the end of the show. She asked how many puppets he had. The answer was that 8 travel with him, but he has 55 at home.

The afternoon show focused on Bullying Awareness. The story was taught to him by his grandparents.
This was a story about people being mean to the animals- the muskrat was being bullied by the other animals, but he was the only one could dive deep enough to help the other animals and save the day.

We are excited to look in our school library for some of his books. They also have his books at the Warman library.

We enjoyed both performances very much!