Friday Smiles

I don’t know what has happened to the weather outside…but I am not impressed! We had to have an inside recess at lunch today because it was so blustery. What happened to Spring?

Here are our smiles:

Mon. Mar. 19– doing speed stackers in gym (Stella)

Tues. Mar. 20– writing letters during writing workshop (Grady)

Wed. Mar. 21– having some free choice colouring time (Rylie)

Thurs. Mar. 22– doing Easter art (Solana)

Fri. Mar. 23– making bunny bags (Ellie)

Congratulations to the 7 girls from our class that have joined the choir with Mrs. Wolfe. They sang at the music festival on Thursday and received a score of 84%.

Next week is short but very busy! We are voting on our favourite Willow Award books at Mrs. McNeil’s kindergarten class gala on Tuesday. Our class is having our 3rd special lunch on Wednesday and then all the grade 2s will be going skating at the Legends Centre that afternoon.

Just a reminder that there is no school next Thursday, March 29- that is our day off in lieu for interviews…that is also the day my family takes possession of our new house. I am very excited to finally get moved and settled!

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