Friday Smiles

What a gorgeous week at Traditions Elementary. The weather was beautiful and both the students and I wanted to be outside all day long!

It is crazy to think that there are only 5 weeks of school left. Time has flown by in 2T.

Here is what made us smile:

Tues. May 22– going to the mindfulness session with Tracy (Haven)

Wed. May 23– the bike rodeo (Rylie)

Thurs. May 24– doing the doughnut picture in art (Avery M.)

Fri. May 25– playing dodgeball in gym (Lachlan)


Just a reminder that Track and Field will be on Tuesday, May 29 in the morning only over at Warman Elementary. The plan is to be over there and ready to go for 9:30. Please apply any bug spray and sunscreen at home- I am not able to apply for 22 students. Please send your child to school in appropriate footwear, running shoes with socks. No flip flops or sandals please. The only thing we will be taking with us on the bus is a water bottle, snack is being provided for us. We will be bused back to school for lunch, and we will be having a normal afternoon. Please contact me with any questions you may have about Track and Field.

Enjoy the weekend!

Western Day and Bake Sale

Good morning TES parents!

In conjunction with Western Day, the TES student leaders will be putting on a Bake Sale on Friday, June 8th at lunch.  It will take place in the Da Vinci room and all items will be a dollar, with the proceeds going towards the Traditions playground. If you are able to send treats to sell (cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc) it would be greatly appreciated. Just a reminder that we are a Nut Alert school. Please feel free to drop items off upstairs in the Da Vinci room on June 8th. Thanks so much for your support!

The children are encouraged to dress up in their best “Western Gear” that day as well. The Warman Rodeo is that weekend and this is a way for us to get in the “rodeo spirit”!


Friday Smiles

What a beautiful day! I am very much appreciating my “prep day” today after the carnival last night. It was lovely to see so many families enjoying the games in the gym.

Today is a busy day for me at school. I am doing some marking and organizing for the rest of the school year, as well as some cleaning and packing up in the classroom. I also gave the kids some “new spots” to sit in. It is hard to believe that this is the last prep day before the end of the school  year, time has flown by!

Here is what made us smile this past week in 2T:

Mon. May 14– being picked for the secret student (Abbotte)

Tues. May 15– watching the Opera assembly (Ainsley)

Wed. May 16– listening to riddles at the end of the day (Sutton)

Thurs. May 17– playing basketball with Ellie (Solana)

Enjoy your long weekend- see you on May 22nd! 🙂



Frisbee Rob

This morning we were lucky enough to go to an assembly with Frisbee Rob. He has many Guinness World Records in frisbee and disc throwing.

Search for him on You-tube to check out some of his videos.

He talked to us about the importance of trying new things, practicing and spending time outdoors rather than playing with technology. He then showed us some of his cool tricks.

Check out this video of him throwing the frisbee through the basketball net! 🏀


Friday Smiles

What a busy week, it just flew by. I have a feeling that the next 7 weeks are going to go by in a blink of an eye.

Here is what made us smile in 2T this week:

Mon. May 7-playing the dog pound game in gym (Owen)

Tues. May 8– making a present for my mom for Mother’s Day (Rylie)

Wed. May 9– working on my comic with Avery B. and Drew (Haven)

Thurs. May 10– watching the “Get Healthy” show (Abbey)

Fri. May 11– I spent the day doing reading testing, so my smile is listening to all the amazing readers in 2T (Mrs. Tebay)

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that you all enjoy a wonderful weekend with your families.

Next week is going to be busy with a lot of special assemblies and activities, as well as the Bike Rodeo and first Traditions Elementary Carnival on May 17th! 🙂



Track and Field Day


Traditions Elementary School

Grade 1-4 Track and Field Day

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018/Thursday, May 31st, 2018

9:30 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.




Our Grade 1-4 track and field day is quickly approaching.  The students will be participating in some formal track events as well as fun activities.  This day has been set up so all students feel success and have fun. 


Please make sure your child has running shoes, sunscreen (already applied at home) and appropriate attire for this day.   Here are the dates and times for each grade:

Grade 1 and 2 (9:30 – 11:50) – May 29th / Alternate June 1st – Competitive and Fun Events

Grade 3 (9:30 – 11:50) – May 31st / Alternate June 4th – Competitive and Fun Events

Grade 4 May 31st/ Alternate June 4th (9:30- 11:50 at WES / 1:00-3:00 at TES) – Competitive and Fun Events including High Jump in the afternoon.


We will be providing students with a healthy snack for the morning during track. Please send a labelled water bottle that students can bring out with them.

Because we are such a new school, we will be busing over to Warman Elementary School to use their field/facilities for our track events. We will be busing back to TES in time for lunch.

Parents are welcome to meet us outside at WES to cheer us on!


Grade 1-4 Teachers and the Track & Field Committee 

Playground Fundraising

Hello parents of Traditions and Holy Trinity Elementary Schools! Your playground planning committees have been hard at work planning and organizing some fundraising events to help us build, and pay for, the playgrounds at the schools and we need your help!

First we have arranged to run a BBQ outside the local Co-op Grocery Store during Warman’s Annual Spring Community Garage Sale on Saturday, May 26.  We need volunteers to help cook and serve hot dogs, burgers, and drinks.

Second, as you may have heard, we are running a Value Village FUNDrive collecting donations that Value Village will pay us for!  On Sunday, May 27, we have a final drop-off of items at the Legends Centre parking lot and need volunteers to help us load and sort into trailers.

There will be members of the Playground Planning Committees on site for both events.

Please follow this link to sign up for a volunteer shift:


We greatly appreciate any and all help we get from our parents! Please consider donating your time to make these two events a success and get us closer to our goal of completing, and paying for, these playgrounds!


Your Traditions and Holy Trinity Elementary Schools Joint Playground Planning Committee

Friday Smiles

Happy Star Wars Day- May the fourth be with you! 🙂

We had 2 surprises today! Our first surprise was receiving some letters in the mail from Ms. Nadeau. The second and best surprise was that Ms. Nadeau came to visit us for the afternoon! We(I) are anxiously waiting for her to get her teaching certificate and to come and teach for the day in 2T.

Here are our smiles for the week:

Mon. Apr. 30– playing a mouse game with Claire and Abbey (Claire H.)

Tues. May 1– body break on the monkey bars (Solana)

Wed. May 2– having some free time at the end of the day (Avery B.)

Thurs. May 3– watching the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (Drew)

Fri. May 4– finishing the movie (Claire M.)

Enjoy the weekend!