Math Unit 2- Numbers to 100

This week we will begin our second unit in math which focuses on Numbers to 100.

This unit will focus on deepening your child’s understanding of number relationships, counting and place value.

The learning goals for this unit are to

  • Read numbers to 100 in symbols and in words.
  • Build numbers to 100 with concrete materials.
  • Estimate the number of objects in groups to 100.
  • Count forward and backward using different tools, such as objects, a number line, a 100 chart and coins.
  • Show numbers to 100 as tens and ones using a variety of materials.
  • Compare and order numbers to 100.

I will be sending home a note on Tuesday about your child bringing a small “coin collection” to school to help us with skip counting. I will keep the coins until the end of the year because we will use them more than just in this unit. We love to count money!!If you can not find enough pennies- just send as many as you can. Thanks!


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