Merry Christmas!

We had a lovely day in 2T today. Ask your child about all the work we did. 🙂

Thanks so much for all the lovely cards and gifts….I am truly spoiled by your generosity!

Here are our smiles from last week and this week;

Dec. 12– practicing the Christmas show and having a music party with Mrs. Tempel (Deamera)

Dec. 13– reading in the new cozy library chairs (Matt)

Dec. 14– Matt sharing his book for star student (Jaden)

Dec. 15– performing in the Christmas concert (Ana)

Dec. 16– getting to colour the elves and reindeer (Nevaeh)

Dec. 19– finally being able to go outside at recess (Jason)

Dec. 20– making thank you cards for the teachers (Keaton)

Dec. 21– watching a Christmas movie (Callie)


Thanks to all the parents who provided food for our delicious class lunch. We were stuffed!

We finished our Gingerbread Man book study today. Ask your child which book was their favourite, and which book was Mrs. Tebay’s favourite.

Don’t forget to READ over the break- there are a few kids who are very close to earning their pizza coupon for December!

The reading goal for January is to read for 20 days!

Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays with your families!

The first day back in 2017 is Tuesday, January 3rd.

Family Christmas Festival

Warman Elementary School’s

Christmas Family Festival

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

We would like to welcome all W.E.S. families to this annual Christmas event!

Hot Chocolate will be available at the gym concession.

Christmas Carolling is being held in Mrs. Tempel’s classroom.

Craft Activities will begin at 7:00 and end at 8:15 p.m.

Visit the Library to make a book related craft

Reindeer Handprint Hats are being made in Mrs. Leidl’s room

Go to the hallway by Mrs. Jacobson’s room to make Christmas Tree Cards

Melting Snowman Ornaments will be created in Mrs. Vaagen’s room

Decorate a Christmas Gift Bag in Mrs. Dozlaw’s room

Ring in the season with a Christmas Bell Craft in Mrs. Barber’s room

Try some Christmas Beading in Mrs. McNeil’s room

Friday Smiles

It has been a long week full of inside recess and Christmas Concert practice. I am happy to say that our class is doing a great job of practicing and singing nice and loud.

We will be excited to perform Elflandia for our friends and family on December 15th with shows at 1:15 and 7:00.

Here are our smiles for the week;

Dec. 5– being the star student for the first time (Jaida K.)

Dec. 6– practicing for the Christmas concert with all the grade 2s (Jaida H.)

Dec. 7– going to Mrs. Tempel and singing in the gym (Brooklyn)

Dec. 8– making Christmas trees in art (Carlee)

Dec. 9– working on a secret Christmas art project (Porter)

We started our Gingerbread Man book study this week- ask your child which book is their favorite.

We also did 5 Random Acts of Kindness(RAK) this week- hopefully these acts of kindness are being done at home as well.

Our class has raised $54.20 for the See a Need- Fill a Need campaign so far.

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Stay warm this weekend and cross your fingers that the weather improves for next week! Inside recess and no gym don’t go well together. 🙂



2D Shapes

Today we finished up our study of the 2D or flat shapes.

We did shape stations in math. There were 3 stations for us to visit.

  1. Geo boards– where we used elastic bands to create shapes.
  2. I pads– where we used a Geo-board app to create cool pictures.
  3. Our math booklets– where we used dot pattern paper to draw different shapes and pictures.

004 006 007 008 009 011 012 013 014 016 017

Next week we will learn about the 3D or solid shapes.


Congratulations to these students that earned their Book It Pizza coupon for the month of November. They read at least 15 days!

YAY to Jaida K, Jason, Callie, Eabha, Brooklyn, Brennan, Keaton, Carlee, Sachi, Matt, Barrett and Nevaeh!

The reading goal for December is to read at least 15 days too!

Happy Reading!

Friday Smiles :)

Here are our smiles for this week;

Nov. 28– working on my story during writing workshop (Chiedza)

Nov. 29– seeing the animals at the Earth Ranger assembly (Brennan)

Nov. 30– going to WHS to watch the play (Adilyn)

Dec. 1– writing letters to Santa (Derek)

Dec. 2– doing a math test (Ayla)

Have a wonderful weekend- enjoy the weather because I hear that it is going to get MUCH colder next week!


What’s in the basket?

Ask your child to explain what this basket of presents is.


We are excited to decorate the classroom for Christmas this week.

Starting next week our classroom will be doing a Random Act of Kindness each day. Christmas is about so much more than presents and Santa, and I believe it is important to practice doing things for others. We will keep you updated on the blog or on Fresh Grade what we are up to.

Happy Holidays!!

Mr. Arntsen

002 003 004 005 008 011 013 014 015 016 017 022 023

On Wednesday Mr. Arntsen taught our gym class. We played 2 fun games with him. Next week is his last week with our class. After Christmas he will be continuing his student teaching at a different school. He is going to make a great teacher! Thanks for all your help in our classroom Mr. A.