What a week!

We have had a great week in 2T. The children have begun to know the routines both inside the classroom and outside at recess. We have enjoyed exploring this awesome school!

Today during our Reading Workshop time we talked about what Reading Workshop is and why we have it. We also talked about what everyone’s job is during that time. We did great at “doing our jobs” today!

Every Friday I will post our “Smiles” from the week. Each day a student is chosen to share something that we did at school that day that made them smile. 🙂

Here are our smiles from this week:

Sept. 5– playing outside at recess (Avery M)

Sept. 6– going on the swings (Solana)

Sept. 7– using the parachute in the gym (Hennessey)

Sept. 8– seeing Mrs. Tebay(Rylie)

Please sign and return the Fresh Grade permission forms as well as the school registration forms. I would love to post our pictures from the first day as well as many others from our classroom, but I need photo consent to do so. Thanks to everyone who has already completed their forms.

Have a fabulous weekend, what beautiful weather for September!



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