Health Experiments

In Health we have been learning about illness and disease. We have learned a lot about germs and bacteria and what they can do. Today we started 2 experiements that will last all of this week, and into next.

1. The first experiment is showing why it is important to wash your hands. We have 3 pieces of bread- one was handled with a glove ( so no germs), one was handled with 1 pair of clean hands, and the last was handled by our whole class’ dirty hands (ick!)



2. The next experiment is going to show us how our skin protects our bodies from germs causing illness. The happy apple has no cuts in his skin to let the germs in. The sad apple has cuts which will allow the germs to get inside.


We will be observing both the bread and the apples this week to see if anything changes…….


Writing Goals

Last week Mr. Dyck came into our classroom for a visit during our writing workshop time. We were talking about what kinds of things does Mrs. Tebay write at the end of their stories after she reads them. The students did a great job remembering the things I want them to try and do when they write their next story. I wrote down 6 things and then told the children to think about which one they need to have as a goal when they are writing- what do they need to work on?

The next day, each student got a sticky note and chose a writing goal for themselves to work on. We are going to focus on one goal until the February break. Make sure to ask your child what their goal is, and how they are doing at working towards that goal. I am always pleased that most children pick a goal that I would also pick for them!

I am amazed at many of the stories that the children are writing…..they are so imaginative!